Da Cima a Fondo - Foto (300x600)

Da Cima a Fondo

Refermented in bottle

Vino rosso

Location of the vineyards: Solinga Valley (Canneto Pavese).

Soil: gravel-sand soil.

Vineyards: vineyards facing south on a steep hillside.

Vinification: the grapes are hand-harvested on the top (cima) of the hill. Once the grapes have been destemmed and crushed, the first fermentation starts. The must ferments with the skins for several days. The wine is then racked in concrete vats where it is left to stand during the winter. In April the wine is bottled as it is (i.e. with an amount of unfermented sugar): therefore, a second natural fermentation takes place in the bottle during the spring. The bottles are stored vertically in a dark cellar at a cool temperature for several months before release.

Tasting notes: deep ruby red colour; complex nose with notes of black cherry, wild fruits, dog rose, violet and wild herbs. On palate it shows a good body with firm, but fine-grained tannins. Lingering finish with almond overtones.

Pairing suggestions: extremely food-friendly wine, it pairs well with salumi, bold-flavoured pasta and risotto, roasted meat, aged cheese.

Service temperature: best served at 16 °C in a glass with a large bowl. The sediment on the bottom (fondo) of the bottle is natural.

Available formats: 0,75 l bottle.

Contains sulphites.

Produced in Italy.

Label painting by our friend Antonella Tacci (Martilde winery).

“The wine is similar to the man,
we’ll never know how far
we can estimate and despise,
love and hate,
or what action sublime
or monstrous misdeeds he can”

Charles Baudelaire
“Artificial Paradises”