Our adventure began in 1988 with the singling out of some old vineyards located on the hills of Canneto Pavese, which we thought were best fit for the production of high quality wines. The recovery of these vineyards has been difficult, but an exciting challenge for us. These results would have never been achieved without the help of Giuseppe Zatti, who began working with us in 1995, and whose expertise in winemaking and friendship are immensely precious for us.

We got the organic certification in 2014.
Here are some examples of the eco-friendly techniques we use:

the water used for all farming activities comes from property waterholes or wells; we don’t use drinking water for farming activities;

we use organic fertilizers only;

the marcs are put back to the vineyards and spread between the row of vines;

we shred the remains of the pruning (branches big and small and sprouts) and spread them on the soil;

we do several grass mowings during the year, but we use no-till farming practices to avoid soil erosions and depletion.

we keep part of our property under natural forest to compensate the CO2 produced by machines. The use of these machines is nonetheless limited to a small number of activities that necessarily require mechanization;

the cardboard of the bottle boxes is produced from recycled paper. We use only recycled paper for all office activities.

Our wines, obtained from small crops of selected grapes, are rich in body, natural colour components, glycerine and noble tannins, which become smoother and rounder with aging. We really hope that you will feel in each one of our bottles the passion which constantly guides us through our work.