Degustazione da Volpetti (12/04/2019)

Andrea will present our wines in Rome on Friday, April 12th 2019 in a double tasting: he will be at Salumeria Volpetti at 03:00 pm and at Taverna Volpetti at 08:00 pm. If you need more information or if you want to reserve your seat, please call +39.06.5744306.


Name of the event: Picchioni tastings at Volpetti
When: April 12th 2019
Where: Rome
Location of the event: Salumeria/Taverna Volpetti
Address: via Marmorata, 47 (Salumeria Volpetti); via Volta, 8 (Taverna Volpetti).
Event starts at: 03:00 pm (Salumeria Volpetti); 08:00 pm (Taverna Volpetti)
Information and reservations: +39.06.5744306