A cena con i volti storici di Pavia (31/01/2019)

Osteria del Collegio restaurant will host an exhibition of unreleased works by Pavia artist Lele Picà on Thursday, January 31st 2019 at 07:30 pm. The exhibition will be followed by a celebratory dinner in remembrance of some of Pavia’s historical figures. The courses will be paired with our Soleluna 2017, Buttafuoco Cerasa 2017 and Sangue di Giuda Fior del Vento 2017. Reservation needed  (+39.366.2821145).

Here’s the menu:
Cesare Beccaria and the stuffed potatoes
Galeazzo II and the Strada Nuova stew
Beatrice d’Este and the Il Moro rice dessert


Name of the event: Dining with Pavia’s historical figures
When: January 31st 2019
Where: Pavia
Location of the event: Osteria del Collegio restaurant
Address: via Luigi Porta, 8
Event starts at: 07:30 pm
Price: euro 30,00
Information and reservations: +39.366.2821145