Festa d'autunno a Oltrenero (Zenevredo, PV - 16/10/2022)

We will present a selection of our wines at the Autumn Festival organised by Oltrenero winery on Sunday, October 16th 2022 in Zenevredo (PV).

The festival will feature wine & food tastings (including the traditional roasted chestnuts) and live music.

The event has been organised with the support of the Zenevredo Pro Loco touristic association and ERSAF Lombardia.
Other farms featured are Bisi and Paravella wineries, flour producer Caterina – Farina di Grani Antichi and honey producer Poggio Fiorito.

If you want to know more about the event, please call:
• +39.346.1630057 (Michela)
• +39.335.8479375 (Alberto)
• +39.345.8760091 (Filippo)


Name of the event: Autumn Festival
When: October 16th 2022
Where: Zenevredo (PV)
Location of the event: Oltrenero winery
Address: località Il Bosco
Opening hours: from 10:00 AM on
Information: +39.346.1630057 (Michela); +39.335.8479375 (Alberto); +39.345.8760091 (Filippo)