Oltrepò Pavese

AIS Lombardy has organised a unique tasting dedicated to the best expressions of the different Oltrepò Pavese terroirs. The tasting will be hosted at the Westin Palace Hotel (piazza della Repubblica 20) on Tuesday October 18 at 9pm. The featured wines will be our Buttafuoco Bricco Riva Bianca, Barbera Roncolongo by Claudio Bisi, Bonarda Millennium by Fratelli Agnes, Oltrepò Pavese Rosso Riserva Cavariola by Paolo Verdi  and Pinot Nero Giorgio Odero by Frecciarossa.

The tasting is reserved to AIS members. Reservation is required and must be done here.
Price of the tasting is euro 30. For more information please send an email to eventi@aismilano.it.