We will present our wines at Vinosouvenir, a food and wine festival dedicated to the eco-friendly quality products of small wineries and artisans of the Po Valley. The event, which takes place to coincide with the book and music festival Rovigo Racconta, is a homage to the famous journey along the Po Valley done by writer, director and gourmet Mario Soldati in 1957.

At the festival you will find wines produced by winegrowers and traditional Po Valley food specialties (salumi, cheese, honey, infusion, nuts, biscuits and bread). The festival will also feature the only Italian microbrewery that produces its beer using its own cereal grains.

The event, organised by Deltagusto and endorsed by AIS Veneto and Confagricoltura Rovigo, will be hosted in the halls of the Pescheria Nuova (corso del Popolo 140).

Please check out the Vinosouvenir website for detailed info about the event.